You Might Pay More For Tijuana Tacos

Avocado cost a headache for city taquerias

Tijuana tacos at Taqueria el Taconazo, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico Tijuana tacos at Taqueria el Taconazo.

By: Juan Miguel Hernández
Translation: W. Scott Koenig

Originally published in Español at El Sol Tijuana.

June 27, 2019, Tijuana — The increase in the price of avocado throughout Mexico may force taqueros (taco makers) to increase the cost of Tijuana tacos. Most think it an inevitability, given the current price of avocados in the domestic Mexican market.

El Sol de Tijuana conducted a survey of some of the leading taquerías (taco stands) of the city. The results showed that Tijuana taco prices haven’t risen – yet – and the price of tacos in the city currently ranges between 20 and 26 pesos ($1.00 – $1.40/US).

Taqueros at Taqueria El Franc, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Taqueros at Taqueria El Franc, Tijuana. Photo: W. Scott Koenig

In the popular stands at Tacos Ahumaderas, taquería owners reported that a box of avocados currently cost between 550 and 700 pesos for 10 kilos, or $1.40 – $1.70/US per pound.*

To avoid burdening the consumer, many taqueros have chosen to consult other suppliers in an attempt to negotiate better pricing. “We will try to hang on as long as we can,” according to one. “If the price remains where it is now, we might be okay. But if it continues to rise, we’ll have to raise our prices accordingly.”

The avocado has become a real headache in regard to the cost of a taco for taquerías, as the constant variation in price impacts the stability of their profit margins.

Taqueria La Tres Salsas at La Ahumaderas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

La Tres Salsas at La Ahumaderas, Tijuana. Photo: W. Scott Koenig

Even if taco prices do go up in the city, taqueros assure the public that they won’t skimp on the amount of avocado on tacos, since the fruit has become one of the key ingredients in Tijuana tacos.

According to the Federal Consumer Attorney, the rise in the price of avocados is due to a 7% increase in exports this year, and an overall decrease in avocado production.

(Gringo’s Note: A reliable source on a popular Baja California Facebook group indicated that he paid more for avocados at Mercado Hidalgo today in Tijuana at 110 pesos per kilo, or approximately $3/US per pound. It’s speculated that the recent threat of tariffs on Mexican imports to the US may have caused a slowing in production of avocados for export. In this gringo’s opinion, the current supply and demand is certain to increase taco costs throughout TJ, so head down and enjoy them now! Which ones? Check out our list of Ten Terrific Tacos in Tijuana).


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