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Resort Life in the Valle de Guadalupe

by W. Scott Koenig in Baja California

I was surprised to learn that the largest and one of the most modern resorts in the Valle de Guadalupe lies just a few hundred yards off of Highway 3 in the small town of San Antonio de Las Minas. But that wasn’t the only surprise. My family and I have stayed at a number of hotels, B&Bs and [Read More]


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W. Scott Koenig

W. Scott Koenig

San Diego-based lifestyle writer W. Scott Koenig is founder of the blog, author of the book 7 Days in The Valle: Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine and writes columns for DiningOut San Diego Magazine, and Scott is also the Food Expert for Baja California at (formerly FoodieHub), an international culinary site curated by over 275 experts.

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