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Welcome to the Media Center for the book Seven Days in The Valle: Baja California's Wine Country Cuisine by W. Scott Koenig of A Gringo in Mexico. Below you'll find a number of resources for journalists and influencers who wish to cover or promote this book which celebrates the cuisine and chefs of Baja California's wine country, the Valle de Guadalupe.

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AUTHOR PHOTO: W. Scott Koenig


“Seven Days in the Valle has beautiful photos. It has great nuggets of insight from the chefs. At 55 pages it's easily digestible on your drive down there, which you should be making soon.”

- Troy Johnson, San Diego Magazine

“The Valle de Guadalupe has become my favorite gustatory retreat in Mexico. This beautifully designed book should accompany every visitor to the area, offering essential tips and background information. Highly recommend!”

- Nicholas Gilman, Good Food Mexico

“A great insight into an up and coming region that no-one has heard much about. Seven Days in the Valle is required reading for those that would like to learn more about this hidden gem.”

- Jeffrey Merrihue, FoodieHub

“I’ve been waiting for this book! Scott knows his way around The Valle de Guadalupe and his artistic photography shows the essence of this beautiful part of Mexico.”

- Gennaro Garcia, Mexican Artist

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