The Mexican Minute: The Beatles Magical Mexico Mystery Tour

The Mexican Minute with A Gringo in Mexico: Episode 2

Hey everyone! This is Scott Koenig, and bienvenido to episode 2 of The Mexican Minute with A Gringo in Mexico. This week, we’ll take a detour from food and travel back in time to 1969 where we’ll join The Beatles in Mexico on their Magical Mexico Mystery Tour.

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Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa

Like so many tales about the Fab Four – or Mexico for that matter – this story may, or may not, have actually happened. Legend has it that John and Paul – or was it John and George? –  traveled to rural Oaxaca to seek out curandera Maria Sabina and take a trip on her fabled magic mushrooms. Back on Earth and on the road to Mexico City the next morning, they asked their driver to stop in the village of Tepetlixpa so they could check out two nearby volcanoes. As they lunched on mole and nopales, they were serenaded by local group Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa, who regaled them with raucous, off-key brass band versions of ten of the Beatles’ most popular tunes. Banda Plastica later released a covers album — Adios Los Beatles — available for your listening pleasure here on YouTube. John and Paul – or was it John and George? – were no doubt touched by the tribute, and the Magical Mexico Mystery Tour became Beatles lore.

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