MXCNAS: Elevating Mexico’s Female Chefs

New project shifts spotlight to Baja California cocineras

Sergio Muñoz, Cintia Soto, MXCNAS, Mexican Female Chefs, Baja California, Mexico


SAN DIEGO – “Female chefs have been sidelined by a misogynist media in Mexico and the US that tends to only talk about the same male chefs time and time again,” Sergio Muñoz, writer, businessman, and financier recently shared with us. His new project, MXCNAS (pronounced Mexicanas), focuses on female chefs in Baja California, telling their stories via first-person narrative and a series of elegant photographs by collaborator Cintia Soto.

Muñoz’s goal with MXCNAS is to elevate the image of female chefs working in Baja California – and eventually all of Mexico – to match the reputations of their better-known male counterparts. He plans to do this via the online series, as well as a book, film, and other media outlets as the project gains support…



2 Comments on MXCNAS: Elevating Mexico’s Female Chefs

  1. Mavourneen O'Brien // January 28, 2017 at 7:18 am // Reply

    Hola, Scott, Maybe I missed it in your article, but don’t forget about our prize-winning chef Bo Bendana of Kazbar Mi Casa Supper Club in San Antonio Del Mar, TJ, Baja CA. I enjoy all your posts.

    • Hi Mavourneen!
      Thanks for following the blog…I truly appreciate it! I have written about Chef Bo on this blog and elsewhere. I’m a fan of her food and we’re good friends. The MXCNAS project by Sergio Muńoz, however, is specifically about Mexican female chefs, and Bo is of Moroccan descent. Otherwise, I’m sure she would have been included in his project 🙂


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