A Gringo in Mexico’s Top 25 Baja Bites 2016

Culinary highlights from another year around the Baja California sun

A Gringo in Mexico, Baja California, Tijuana, Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Rosarito Beach, Tecate, Mexico


As a San Diego-based writer of Mexican food, culture, and travel, I’m in a fortunate position both geographically and gastronomically. The international border and gateway to Baja California is only twenty tasty minutes away by car. Across the frontera lies a plethora of culinary delights — from street food to fine dining, from traditional to modern Mexican, and from the unquestionably famous to the decidedly hip. This list covers those categories, and more.

A Gringo in Mexico’s Top 25 Baja Bites 2016 are presented here in no particular order. This is not meant to be a definitive or a “best of” list by any means. These are simply the “top bites” that I’ve personally enjoyed with friends, family, and colleagues during frequent visits to the region throughout 2016…



2 Comments on A Gringo in Mexico’s Top 25 Baja Bites 2016

  1. Chiki Jai in TJ, near the Jai Ali Stadium, don’t forget the liter of house wine!


  2. Wow, Scott! What great finds. We love all the ones we know. Thanks for the rest.
    Danny and Barbara Keiller


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