Where to Eat and Drink in Mexicali

Baja capital city offers a surprising array of dining options, street food, craft beers

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MEXICALI, B.C. – Mexicali – a border town 90 minutes east of San Diego – is known outside of Baja California primarily for its agriculture, its maquiladoras, its Chinatown (la Chinesca), and that Grateful Dead song (is there anything a man don’t stand to lose?). And though most are aware that the city of 700,000 has more Chinese restaurants per capita than any other Mexican city, Mexicali isn’t typically mentioned in the same breath as Ensenada or Tijuana during serious discussions of Baja California cuisine.

But a trip last fall revealed that Baja California’s capital city has more to offer than I’d previously imagined — including a nationally awarded craft beer scene, artisanal kitchens, and a plethora of Chinese restaurants that infuse Cantonese style dishes with classic Mexican ingredients. And of course, when in Mexico, one has to have a taco or two…




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