Gems of Baja: The Victor’s Salad, Tijuana

Caesar’s lesser-known sibling has a rich history of its own

Caesar's Restaurant & Bar, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


During our ongoing series, Gems of Baja, San Diego Red’s team of culinary explorers set out to unearth some of Baja California’s lesser-known gastronomic treasures. PHOTOS: Cintia Soto

TIJUANA – When it comes to famous entradas, everyone knows the Caesar’s salad — first tossed in 1927 by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini at his namesake Caesar’s Restaurant and Bar in Tijuana. Visitors to the city ever since have enthused about the salad to their friends and family north of the border. Most notable among them, Julia Child, who brought the dish to international attention with a mention in her famous cookbook From Julia Child’s Kitchen.

But have you ever met Caesar’s younger brother Victor?

As with so many revered dishes, necessity was the mother of invention with the Victor’s salad. In 1955, Victor Rubio opened Victor’s Restaurant in Zona Rio…




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