Baja California Highlighted at 2015 World Forum on Mexican Cuisine

Regional cuisine is part of the focus of 3rd annual event in Mexico City

Foro Mundial Gastronomia Mexicana, CENART, Mexico City, Mexico, Distrito Federal


MEXICO CITY – Baja California cuisine was well-represented last week at the 2015 World Forum on Mexican Gastronomy (FMGM) held at the National Arts Center (CENART) in Mexico City. The third annual event was conceived and presented by the Cultural Conservatory for Mexican Gastronomy (CCGM) and promotes and seeks to protect the country’s regional culinary traditions.

Caesar’s Restaurant in Tijuana was awarded on its merits of “perseverance of quality and tradition” by the CCGM during the opening night of the event. Caesar’s Restaurant, home of the Caesar’s salad, has been in business since 1927. Tijuana’s Grupo Plascencia took over operations of the flailing institution in 2010 and have since restored the space and menu to their former glory. Owner Juan Jose (Tana) Plascencia was on hand last week to receive the award.

Margarita Carrillo, author of Mexico: The Cookbook, introduced Doña Sabina Bandera of Ensenada seafood street cart La Guerrerense to CENART’s outdoor stage on Friday afternoon…





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