Why I Feel Safe as a Visitor to Tijuana

A Gringo in Mexico's perspective on safety in the burgeoning border town

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


TIJUANA, B.C. – When I write about an event or restaurant in Tijuana, I avoid beginning stories with rote commentary about the city’s problems with crime and cartels. Or assuring my readers that “…the streets are safer now, come on down and have a taco and some Baja Med!”

After all, if I were writing about deep-dish pizza in Chicago, would I open with a statement about the homicide rate there? I’m reporting on a ceviche, not the whereabouts of El Chapo.

So when my editors at San Diego Red asked me to write a piece on why I feel safe in Tijuana, I was reluctant at first. Do I really need to add to this already saturated topic? Isn’t my current lack of editorial comment on the matter enough?




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  1. My son married beautiful Fari in September, a TJ native and dual citizen who has crossed the border almost every day of her life for school or work. My newest grandchild will be born in February. The couple will live in Colonia Juarez in the family compound and commute for work in San Diego so it looks like I will need to do the reverse to see that baby as often as I want to. Any tips for making this easier, i.e. fast pass, etc. Last time I crossed back from Mexico, a guy tried to get me out of the long line to follow him who knows where for faster crossing. That was kind of scary.

    I love that I found your blog.



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