Le Petit Pinche Francés: Running on Taste Memory

Valle de Guadalupe food truck dishes out authentic French country cuisine

Le Petit Pinche Francés, Torres Alegre y Familia, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico


VALLE DE GUADALUPE, B.C. – Taste memory is an integral thing when preparing regional cuisine. The best chefs and restaurateurs have it and constantly tweak ingredients until their dishes taste just like their mothers’ – and their mothers’ before them. Recipes can be transcribed and handed down through generations, but as people migrate elsewhere and take their cuisine with them, ingredients change and it’s taste memory that allows traditional food to flourish in a new place.

Antonin Chabannes grew up in the countryside of Toulouse eating his mother’s and grandmother’s French country cooking. Attending school in Marseilles as a young man, he met a girl from Tijuana and landed in Ensenada where he opened Le Pinche Francés, a food truck in the city specializing in the preparation of authentic French country dishes…




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